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Cladding Rails for polytunnels and greenhouses

Unique to Highbank for Wrinkle Free ends & Recladding made easy, the metal and PVC Richel Cladding Rails are available as a single or double clip. They are used for tensioning and recladding the plastic on a tunnel.

The Richel metal and plastic clip replaces the timber rail system of securing the polythene and lasts the life of the plastic, where timber often does not. Along with securing the cladding material, the rail has a dual function of clipping efficiently and neatly, where plastic meets ventilation netting, allowing for extremely easy recladding and no digging of trenches.

  • This metal and PVC cladding clip is a strong and effective way of securing polythene on a tunnel.
  • Over 25 years of experience has shown this method to be not only effective and long lasting but also lending itself to easy self-replacing of old plastic.
  • This Richel Clip System allows easy and efficient tensioning of the plastic when cladding.
  • The Double Richel Clip is used to secure netting and plastic on a side ventilation system.
  • The Double Richel Clip can also be used on the tunnel hoops to create a tight, non wrinkle gable end. The absence of wrinkles in plastic stops the build-up of water and also leaves an end that can not flap in the wind and can be changed without effecting the main cladding material.


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Cladding rail on wall with double clip

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Accessories Photo

7m tunnel with double clip ends for ease of recladding and wrinkle free ends

Accessories Photo

Accessories Photo

5m tunnel with double highbank clip