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Crop Support Bars

Highbank offers the option of internal Crop Support Bars for almost all of our tunnels and greenhouses. They can be retrofitted and are useful for added strength as well as for crop support and suspension of irrigation lines

  • All our crop support bars are made from galvanised steel.
  • Each hoop can carry a crop support bar.
  • These bars are very useful for stringing up crops.
  • All our Crop Support bars can be retrofitted when required and different lengths are available.
  • They are also very useful for carrying overhead irrigation lines or shade netting.
  • On our larger polytunnel structures (such as the 7m wide), each crop bar can carry a large weight suitable for floating beds, hanging baskets or for heavy crops.
  • All Highbank structure 8.5m wide and over automatically have crop support bars included unless specifically excluded.


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Accessories Photo

Accessories Photo

Crop Support Bars