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Polytunnel & Greenhouse Rolling Side Ventilation

The popular lockable, rolling side ventilation unique to Richel is operated with a continuous blocking system and windbreak netting Used by the commercial grower on the straight-sided structures, bitunnels, multispans and long polytunnels.

Adaptable to particular needs, the rolling side vent offers a large number of options.

  • Drive tubes in 32mm galvanised steel or 60mm aluminium tubes with incorporated clips.
  • Clips under the gutter or on the purlin in galvanised steel or aluminium.
  • Retention of the vent with tubes, elastic cords and windbreak netting
  • Continuous blocking
  • Simple crank handle or telescopic arm
  • Lower skirt in polythene or semi rigid material.
  • Operating mechanism can be manual or motorised and controlled by a mini-climate control.


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Accessories Photo

Accessories Photo

Continuous side ventilation by roll-up side sheeting

Accessories Photo

Accessories Photo

Telescopic handle and motor drive options

Accessories Photo

Accessories Photo

Detail of blocking system and weather-proofing tube