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Thermic Celloclim

This is a 5 season guaranteed UVI 860g High diffusion plastic that has a layer of bubbles to split the light and prevent scorching on plants in the middle of tunnels. (Kildare Growers New Product Award 1999) Available in four widths. It is a revolutionary plastic.

  • Thermal celloclim has been used, with exceptional results; by Highbank customers for over 10 years displaying longevity and excellent growing conditions particularly where scorching has been a problem.
  • During the day the sun’s rays (short-wave infrared rays) enter the tunnel and warm the air inside it as well as the ground. At night, the greenhouse cools down again, and the soil releases the retained heat (long-wave infrared radiation). The formula of our thermal celloclim includes a mineral filter or EVA component which traps long-wave infrared rays giving greater protection against the risk of frost, improved yield and allowing early harvest.
  • Celloclim not only has a thermal effect but also gives outstanding light distribution, the plant benefiting from 100% of the useable light.
  • The bubble effect of celloclim (no mineral charge), provides the best quality of light. Its cooling effect also facilitates and eliminates any type of stress for the crop.
  • The bubble effect makes working in the greenhouse much more comfortable.
  • It is 215myn (860 gauge) thickness
  • Available in 4 different widths to suit different polytunnels
  • Thermal Celloclim is extruded in layers with a sandwiched layer of bubbles that splits the light to prevent scorching.