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Weed Control & Frost Protection

"A weed is just a flower in the wrong place" (George Washington Carver), true but it's the selection that causes us all the bother! At Highbank Organic Apple Farm we aim to be completely chemical free. We encourage the use of weed control by mulch mowing or use of weed control matting not by chemicals. Please find below some of the products we sell that help control the `flowers' you don't want!

Hymatt, Mulch Fleece & Geotextiles are some of our suggestions. For frost control we supply frost control fleece which is also a carrot fly protection material. Any help you need do please contact us.

  • HYMATT is a woven weed control groundcover, woven, black with white lines for spacing pots.
  • HYMATT is used extensively as a weed suppressant on large and small areas and is very durable.
  • HYMATT is 100grams thickness/ metre square – any less does not do the job!
  • Available in rolls: 1.05m, 2.07m, 3.3m, 4.15m and 5.15m x 100m long. (Widths may vary with stock availability) Highbank can cut to the length required or provide the groundcover in full rolls
  • MULCH FLEECE is a non woven weed control groundcover.
  • MULCH FLEECE is easy to sculpt in difficult flower bed areas.
  • Available in full rolls only 1.6m x 250m
  • GEOTEXTILE is a white groundcover suitable for under pathways and roads.
  • Available in full rolls only 3m x 100m1.
  • GROUNDCOVER PEGS available bags of 50 @ €10.00 including vat.
  • FROST PROTECTION FLEECE is available in full rolls 2.2m x 250m or by the running metre. Remember it also is a deterrent to carrot fly! Other sizes to order.


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Accessories Photo

Roll of Hymatt weed control

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Accessories Photo

Frost Fleece

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Accessories Photo

Frost and Carrot Fly Fleece