Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is studied to the last detail in our tunnels to achieve a maximum of effectiveness and reliability which will withstand the test of time. Ventilation is an important element of humidity control in tunnels and greenhouses. There are a wide range of options suiting different tunnels and greenhouses as well as taking into consideration the location. Many of them can be retrofitted to existing structures. Good ventilation is one of the main ingredients for good disease control. The following options allow for tailorĀ¬made greenhouses. For more information do contact us.

Polytunnel Netted Doors

All types of our windbreak netting is available for all doors and can be cut to length. Metal clips for assembly are also available.

Highbank Roll-up Windows

Highbank windows can be retrofitted to all the straight sided greenhouses. They are roll up with static netting for insect and wind control.

Opening Overhead Spreader System

The opening overhead Spreader System has been operating in Ireland successfully on tunnels for over 20 years. The system works by parting the polythene at intervals along the rood either manually or automatically. It is suitable for all polytunnels over 7m in width and is very effective in creating a constant growing environment.

Static Side Vents

Static side vents are a 'tried and trusted' form of ventilation. The vents run the length of the polytunnel and a Highbank Riche] clip is used along the side of the tunnel where the polythene meets the windbreak netting. The netting is usually up to lm high and static. Air flow is important and this system is used on the budget and smaller tunnels usually over 12m long.

Static Roof Ventilation

The 50% opening capacity of the multispan and bitunnel roof is a unique feature of the larger Highbank greenhouse. This ventilation includes an automated system maximizing all the performance factors of the greenhouse. Opening the vent increases the internal volume of the greenhouse for the constant circulation of air to be controlled.

Polytunnel & Greenhouse Rolling Side Ventilation

The popular lockable, rolling side ventilation unique to Richel is operated with a continuous blocking system and windbreak netting Used by the commercial grower on the straight-sided structures, bitunnels, multispans and long polytunnels.

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