Wind Break

Highbank provides many different types of windbreak both in full rolls or cut to measure. The main colours are green, black and white. Certain strengths are only available in the full rolls. Please note that all our windbreaks are of windbreak strengths and not shade nettings. For advice on wind fences do contact us and remember a windbreak fence is only as good as the posts it is fastened onto!

Strong Gauge Green Netting

This Green windbreak netting is suitable for interior divisional protection in gardens and nurseries as well as the temporary wind protection for hedge establishment. Both sides of the windbreak are reinforced selvedge with eyelets at every 2m.

Richel Black Netting

Richel Black Netting is suitable for lateral vents doors and gable ventilation. It is a strong, longlasting but flexible netting which blends into the environment when on the vents of greenhouse.

Heavy Duty Black

This durable netting is suitable for cattle, sheep sheds and exterior wind shields for wind swept nurseries and gardens.

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