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Hobby & Kitchen Garden Tunnels

Using over 25 years of experience both as growers and market leaders, we at Highbank Greenhouse have selected, with a view to growing your own vegetables and flowers for the family, the Small Polytunnel Range to suit both the small and serious gardener. The small polytunnel sizes include the 3m wide greenhouse, 4.5m wide polytunnel and the 5m wide polytunnel. Excellent value for money, these kitchen garden structures are of galvanised steel with 32mm diameter tubing that conforms to EU norms for greenhouses (the only one in Ireland) and easily transported. The plastic used in cladding is all 800g thermal UVI plastic. (Available cut to size if you are being adventurous and making your own.) Highbank can deliver to your door within 48 hours, subject to stock availability, assemble if required and has units on display on the organic farm in Kilkenny. Please ring us for any advice we are delighted to help.

Hobby Tunnel Sketch