Each of these is priced individually for the customer – some of the items that make Highbank Commercial greenhouses special are:

  • Ovalised Tubing & weld free reversible clamps.
  • rolling lockable side ventilation.
  • large range of high quality cladding materials.
  • ability to expand both length ways and sideways.
  • Gutter Beams & collection systems for rain water.
  • Double Richel cladding strip for easy recladding.
  • Individual customer service with full assembly teams.

Large & Commercial Greenhouses

Highbank represents Richel Serres de France the largest Greenhouse manufacturer of both plastic and glass greenhouses in the world.

Their consistently innovated multispan designs such as the weld free reversible clamps, Richel clip, Lockable rolling side vents, and 12.8m wide structures, suit both the artisan and large commercial grower’s needs and conform to EU norms for strength and quality.

Some samples of Highbank Greenhouse Commercial Structures built over the years in Ireland can be found below. Each has been built to the customer’s site and requirements with consideration for ventilation, heat and protection for the crops as well as the visual requirements where the greenhouse has been used for garden centre canopies, swimming pools or restaurants. Each model optimises the parameters which are the basis for successful growing.

Volume, Space, Ventilation, Light, Strength and Adaptability.

Commercial Greenhouse Sketch