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Commercial Polytunnels

The Commercial 7m, 8m and 9m tunnels are the same ovalised steel structure as in the Highbank Budget Range except they have extra options. Please note that these options can be added to any existing budget tunnel at a later stage. The commercial Highbank polytunnel can be up to any length, taking ventilation into consideration, optimising the cost per square metre With over 20 years experience Highbank can advise the best choice for the site and environment.

Grow with Highbank. Below we show some of the features/options of the commercial 7m, 8m, and 9m wide polytunnels

  • Overhead Spreader System for overhead ventilation.
  • Hinged gable end for ventilation and tractor access. Raisable to 2m.
  • Ovalised steel for strength
  • Crop Support Bars on every hoop
  • Cross Pieces for base anchoring.
  • Half Moon cladding in shaped polythene envelope
  • Wrinkle free gable end
  • Metal cladding rail for easy recladding and for additional humidity contol.


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Tunnel Photo

Tunnel Photo

Tunnel Photo

Tunnel Photo