Straight Sided Greenhouses

8.5m and 9.6m wide

The Commercial Straight Sided Highbank Greenhouse starts at 5.5m wide, with the popular 8.5m and 9.60m width. Extremely spacious and strong, the straight sided, single span tunnels use the main design principles of the Multispans which have been proven and tested for more than 20 years in all climates. These structures have proven themselves again and again in the Irish conditions giving the grower maximum working space as well has ventilation and humidity control. The straight sided structures can be used for growing, displaying, storage or all three at the same time. Often they are used as hardening off areas with just a rood and Richel black netting sides - a great protector for our wet and windy climate! Display units available for viewing. They combine strength, volume and ventilation efficiency for wonderful growing conditions and can use the unique, lockable, rolling side vents that open up to 2m on their sides.

Commercial Greenhouse Sketch