Cladding Plastic

Highbank offers many different polythene, plastic cladding and recladding materials and over the last 25 years have proven the materials quality and durability in Irish conditions. We can cut to size the polythene required for our own or other polytunnel and greenhouse structures, delivering to your door-within 48hrs (subject to stock). Other cladding materials we can offer are semi-rigid PVC and polycarbonate.

Thermic Plastics rod cladding and recladding

This is a 6 season guaranteed, clear, anti-dust UVI 800g plastic, which helps prevent the build up of algae, on the outside of the tunnel. Available in seven different widths and cut to length required.

Thermic Celloclim

This is a 5 season guaranteed UVI 860g High diffusion plastic that has a layer of bubbles to split the light and prevent scorching on plants in the middle of tunnels. (Kildare Growers New Product Award 1999) Available in four widths. It is a revolutionary plastic.

White Opaque Plastic

Highbank also has available as a cladding material, white opaque plastic ideal for use in propagation and in animal housing- in particular chicken and sheep polytunnels where excess heat can be a problem.

Semi-rigid Corrigated or Flat Polycarbonate

Over the years Highbank has been asked to design and build garden centres, swimming pools, restaurants, seminar areas and many commercial bitunnels and multispans. Quite often, a cladding is needed that is both functional and is pleasing to the public eye. Our polycarbonate sheeting is such a product. Our designs are specially for the horticultural market, our polycarbonate cladding remaining popular both in its corrugated or'glass-like' flat form- often one is unable to tell the difference between polycarbonate and glass, except our polycarbonate doesn't shatter!

Repair Tape

Highbank has available UVI repair tape specially for repairing holes and accidental tears in your plastic.

Anti Hotspot Tape

Available 9m rolls (Anti hot spot tape is recommended only where homemade steel has rough edges, so that, in assembly, when the plastic is pulled over the structure, it doesn't tear.)

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